FaceBook Live Lessons - Sun&Moon Alan Dunn X Petya Smarova


A wafer paper and modelling paste combination collaboration On line Demonstrations with Alan Dunn X Petya Shmarova and learn how to make realistic flowers from wafer paper and modelling past. Flowers topic of the Collaboration - wafer paper Anemone and modelling past Clematis

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A wafer paper and modelling paste combination collaboration On line Demonstrations

Petya will demonstrate her beautiful Wafer Paper Anemone Flower, Bud and foliage

two different way of assembling center

two different way of coloring - red and white version

two different way of assembling petals - with or without wire

Alan will demonstrate his purple Clematis, Flowers, buds and trailing foliage.

Two different variety of Clematis with four and eight petals.

Two different way of coloring

Each lesson will be with approximately around two hours

During the lessons you will learn how to 

Wafer paper

* how to treat wafer paper / without using alcohol /my way of working with water 
* how to chose correct thickness
* how to use templates
* how to make centers from wafer paper
* how to color
* how to make berries
* how to make dry looking pod
* how to add texture with veiners
* how to choose correct veiners
* how to wire petals

Modelling past

* how to wire gumpaste petals and foliage
* how to roll with ridge
* how to create free hand foliage
* how to vein
* how to shape
* how to create centers
* how to color
* how to dry without use of special equipment


The footage will be pre- recorded and you can watch at your own leisure or at the same time as Alan and Petya to ask questions.

Lessons will stay at Close FB group so you can re-watch and refer any time.

You will have equipment, materials list and templates.

Please, note that all information as templates, video, and etc are not to be shared.