FaceBook Live Lesson - Wafer paper Easy Rose


Demonstration lesson with Petya Shmarova -
Wafer paper easy Rose. Learn how to create Rose flower and rose foliage out from wafer paper.

Demonstration will be approximately an hour and a half in English.

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Its going to be fist class of Summer classes, never mind its end of May its first class for June Summer Classes

Demonstration lesson with Petya Shmarova - Wafer paper easy Rose. During the demonstration you will learn how to create Rose flower  in several stages and rose foliage out from wafer paper. Demonstration will be approximately an hour and a half in English.

* how to treat wafer paper / without using alcohol 
* how to chose correct thickness
* how to use templates
* how to make centers from wafer paper
* how to color
* how to add texture with veiners
* how to choose correct veiners
* how to wire petals

You will have  equipment and materials list.

After the Live session video file will stay at group and you can re-watch it


Please, note that all information as templates, video, and etc are not to be shared.

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