Wafer paper Physallis Video Lesson


Wafer paper Physalis 

Wafer paper Physallis uses only wafer paper for all parts.

Video lesson in English with Petya Shmarova. Its step by step video lesson

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Wafer paper Physalis 

Wafer paper Physallis uses only wafer paper for all parts.

Video lesson in English with Petya Shmarova. Its step by step video lesson

* how to treat wafer paper / without using alcohol - my way of working with WATER
* how to choose the correct thickness
* how to use templates
* how to make centres from wafer paper
* how to colour
* how to create a hollow shape from wafer paper
* how to add texture with veiners
* how to choose correct veiners
* how to wire foliage

You will have an equipment and materials list, as well as templates
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