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Petya Shmarova Ltd provides a service selling digital files for download online from www.waferpaperflowers.com. The proposed digital files contain intellectual works on which Petya Shmarova Ltd has all the exploitation rights.

Access to digital files requires an Internet connection, electronic devices connected to the Internet and reading software. These devices and software should allow playback of digital files provided by Petya Shmarova Ltd, in one or more widely accepted formats, and meet the technical constraints imposed by these file types. These specific technical constraints, the Customer, by accepting these Terms and Conditions, agreed to download Adobe Digital Edition software chosen by Petya Shmarova Ltd to manage a particular DRM system protecting the rights of authors.

Download the Conditions set out below, are available in English.

To be authorized to place orders on waferpaperflowers.com, you must first have read and accepted these General Terms and Download. 
The click on the "Checkout", present on the confirmation screen summarizing your order constitutes an electronic signature certifying unqualified consent to these General Terms and Conditions and download the ordered digital files as they appear on the online confirmation screen and the listings of the ordered files presented on the site. 
Petya Shmarova Ltd reserves the right to modify at any time all or part of these Conditions of sale and Download. 
the specific conditions to the sale of each digital file (unit price, file format etc.) and the General Conditions Sales and download those in force on the site at the time of order confirmation.

The terms of the order kept by Petya Shmarova Ltd form of electronic records on the purchase website constitute proof of all transactions between the Client and Petya Shmarova Ltd.

The procedure for purchasing and downloading, reading and general technical constraints associated with the digital file download or read them online are detailed and updates on the Download Guide. These general terms and technical constraints as written on the online download page guide mentioned above on the date of the order confirmation form part of these Conditions of Sale and to download and are presumed known and accepted when ordering on the site.

In any case, claim or refund request may be made on the basis of ignorance or denial of these general terms and technical constraints. In particular, Petya Shmarova Ltd draws the attention of its customers on the fact that the digital files are exceptions, protected against copying. Purchased and downloaded files will therefore generally not be printed. Digital files purchased on www.waferpaperflower.com are only for private use, any reproduction, representation or collective public uses are prohibited and exposes its author to prosecution under the provisions of laws protecting intellectual property.

1. Acceptance of Terms

By completing and submitting the order form, it is understood that the buyer accepts without reservation the General Terms set out below as well as the Charter Protection of Privacy.

 2. Ordering process

Any order placed by means of the site
www.waferpaperflowers.com is deemed final at the end of the 5 successive stages of the order. 

3. Execution of the order

www.waferpaperflowers.com sends the buyer an email confirmation of their order as soon as possible. This confirmation includes:

The references

The details of the order, including the total price of the order

4. Proof

The data recorded by 
Petya Shmarova Ltd constitute proof of all transactions by Petya Shmarova Ltd and its customers. 
The data recorded by the 
Petya Shmarova Ltd payment system constitutes proof of the transactions.

 5. Waiver

Petya Shmarova Ltd will not be able to accept the cancellation of orders as regards the downloaded products whose download has already begun.

5. Offer and prices

All products offered on the site are described in good faith and as accurately as possible. 

The offers and prices are valid site consultation the day; they can be changed without notice. 

Prices are denominated in Euros.

6. Availability

The product offers and prices are valid until they are visible on the site, subject to availability. 

7. Delivery

Petya Shmarova Ltd ensures that the order is processed promptly. 

Petya Shmarova Ltd can not however be held liable for any delays in order processing or delivery. 

8. Shipping fees

Shipping fees that the buyer will eventually support are communicated, online, at the time of the order. Generally, they will be based on a fixed amount per order and a variable amount depending on the number of items making up the latter. Delivery costs are borne by the buyer and are added to the invoice, the price / product (s) command (s). 

9. Damage and losses 

Petya Shmarova is not responsible for damage or loss by binding post services. 

10. Payment 

Generally, orders placed via www.waferpaperflowers.com are payable by credit card through PayPal system or bank transfer

11. Virtual Tutorials

Video Lessons - A Google Account is needed to access the lesson.

We don't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations for Facebook, Video, ZOOM, or other Virtual  Tutorials.

10. Intellectual rights

The content of digital files purchased
from www.waferpaperflower.com, and all the elements reproduced on www.waferpaperflower.com (including text, comments, illustrations and graphic materials) are protected by Bulgarian law on copyright protection and neighboring rights and by the Bulgarian and foreign legislation governing the protection of intellectual rights. As such, the intellectual works that are presented and offered for purchase are only for strictly personal, private. Any reproduction, representation or adaptation in any form and by any means whatsoever, including resale, exchange, lease or transfer to a third party, are absolutely prohibited. The Customer agrees not to circumvent or undermine the technique of controlling the use of downloaded digital files and any device with the same purpose. Any attempt to bypass these measures is punishable. 

No-copying or RE-TEACHING - The work and tutorials of Petya Shmarova are post for you to use, however strictly no re-teaching - whether in person, online, video or written forms.

Any breach of such intellectual rights can lead to civil and criminal prosecution. 

Total or partial reproduction of the catalog of
www.waferpaperflower.com is strictly prohibited.

11. Languages

www.waferpaperflower.com offers the ordering process online to buyers in English.

12. Disputes

Any dispute concerning the use of this site shall be exclusively governed by
Bulgarian law. The courts and courts of Bulgaria will have exclusive jurisdiction in disputes. 

13. Contact